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Kingseal TFE Encapsulated O-rings are available in over 60 standard cross-section sizes from .63" (1.60mm) to 1-1/4 (31.75mm). Standard TFE encapsulated O-rings are

For high temperature applications to 500°F (260°C), our
TFE encapsulated O-ring is made with PFA over silicone.
PFA has higher mechanical strength than FEP or TFE at
elevated temperatures and has excellent crack and stress
Kingseal Silicone, Vitonor EPDM O-Rings encapsulated
with FEP of PFA are designed to address the growing problem of sealing in the most hostile chemical and temperature environments. The TFE encapsulated O-ring combines the best qualities of two materials, FEP and PFA on the outside with its chemical inertness and an elastomer on the inside for resilience. This unique combination forms a highly effective, long lasting seal for the most demanding applications.
comprised of FEP over silicone, Viton, or EPDM and
can be used in temperatures from -75°F to +400°F (-60°
to +205°C) depending upon the choice of elastomer.
Teflon encapsulated O-Rings are primarily used as a static seal (axial or radial).

Standard TFE Encapsulated O-Rings in round or square cross-section are manufactured in sizes to AS 568A industry standards. Non-standard sizes are also available for custom designs, along with a full range of metric (ISO) sizes.
Temperature range: -75°F to 400°F (-60°C to 205°C)
Solid and hollow silicone, Vitoncores
FEP-encapsulated O-Rings
(Flourinated Ethylene Propylene):
• High temperature applications to 500°F (260°C)
• Higher mechanical strength
• Better flex-life
• Low vapor permeation
• Excellent stress and crack resistance
• Longer wearability
PFA-encapsulated O-Rings ( Perflouroalkoxy). Same as FEP above but with these added benefits:
Square Cross-Section Ring Seals.
Same as FEP above plus:
• Retrofits into standard O-Ring groove
• Larger sealing surface
• Less squeeze required for sealing
• Effects more positive seal
• Rectangular cross-section also available
• Solid silicone & Vitoncore
For part numbers of gaskets with Vitoncores,
substitute V for S.
TFE Encapsulated Gaskets provide a superior seal for any bulk liquid transfer in manufacturing, distribution of storage.
Typical Applications
Viton is a registered trademark of Dupont Performance Elastomers
Teflon is a registered trademark of Dupont.
Hose connector
Printing and Marking Equipment:
Blending liquids and resins
Rubber and Plastics:
Deliveries to service stations
Oil canning
Blending grease and oil
Mixing oil additives
Petroleum Industry:
From trucks to storage
From storage to process areas
Chemical Processing:
Cosmetic Industry:
Transferring perfumes and oils
Blending and batching oils and
greases for soap
Paints and Dyes:
Mixing color pigments
Blending raw materials
Bulk Liquid Transfer:
Mining slurries, agricultural chemicals, brewing
Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance
Low coefficient of friction
Resilience with choice of elastomeric cores
Low compression set
Unlimited sizes (No tooling charges)
FDA compliant materials available
USP Class VI approved materials available